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onsdag 21 september 2011

Reflections on travel. An office with a view.

I guess one always make choices.

Why opt for airport coaches, stressfull boarding,in flight hassle and then train to the city of Sthlm when one can travel silent and enviromental friendly? I'm heading for the company HQ up in Stockholm while doing some reading on upcoming workshops.

I do really love the view from the window of this "office" rather than a stale sandwich and a peep hole at 30000 feet.

lördag 10 september 2011

Cold numb fingers. Tripods essential.

Had a great evening thursday, which came back an kicked me from behind on friday with a nice cold and a blitzering headache. 

Me and my friend Robert Boström decided to dig out our tripods and let the shutter times move over one second. We got into the car and drove around town trying to find a few nice spots that we can use during the following darker months. 

First we ended up at Ramberget for some panoramic shots of the city, then we moved down below Göta Älvbron to get closer to river. Finally we headed over to Gothenburgs other major bridge, Älvsborgsbron, for some shots of cars in motion. 

Not to surprisingly the two "winning" shots of our road trip was made by Robert. You should really head over to his page on fotosidan to view them. Furthermore I recommend a visit to his corner of cyberspace as well, over att BoströmPhotography

Finally I guess I'll also share a few glimpses of my "thursday through the lens". 

lördag 3 september 2011

Summer's gone. Work on web page quadruples?

So, is this it? 

Summer's gone? 

Well today I sat down and tried to add some stuff to my "experimentish nobody reads it anyways" web page. I guess that's a sure sign the autumn is pretty much knocking on the door. Well call me stuborn but I ain't opening that door for a week or two, it is firmly locked for now.

Summer or autumn alike, the page is actually a nice way to learn about the web stuff without risking to loose to much brand value. Loss of brand value in this case meaning being viewed as a bigger n00b than usual... 

So today I set up an RSS feed for the blog, at least I think I've done it... And I also managed, i.e. ticked the right boxes, to add a dedicated twitter button on the main page pointing to my twitter page. 

Not to bore potential readers to much with the tech stuff though I'll leave you with a couple of photos from this summer that I'll hope will make you either think back to this one or longing for the next one.

As always the pics are zoomable by a click, just to enhance my flaws..